Breakroom and Janitorial

Bring It....To Your Breakroom! conscious, more organized and more environmentally aware.

Teista-TeaKeeping healthy items front and center will encourage healthy choices. For tea lovers it has never been easier to enjoy your favorite loose leaf tea at the office. We supply Loose Leaf Tea, Tea Brewmasters, Tea Filters, Tea Bags and even Tea Pods. We are always looking for ways to bring your healthy lifestyle to the office.

Keep hydrated while curbing cravings and boosting antioxidants one sip at a time! At home, the office or on the go with your favorite juice. We have a huge selection drinks such as Sparkling Water, V-8 Splash, Organic Valley Milk, Tropicana Juices and more. Frito-Lay

For a complete list of products and ideas for more healthy choices in YOUR Breakroom download our Breakroom Catalog or Request our Printed Breakroom Catalog now!