Mansfield Paper Company is the oldest and largest distributor of food service disposables, packaging supplies, maintenance and janitorial items, and other related products in Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut.

Our mission

To provide high-performance products for every operation and application. Whatever your situation, we'll deliver solutions that work. We specialize in custom print options to help you promote your business.

Today... And Tomorrow

Today, Mansfield Paper operates a modern 130,000 square foot distribution facility, with state-of-the-art technology, which provides over 5,600 food service, packaging, maintenance and disposable supplies as well as custodial cleaning systems and custom bag printing facilities. Our products are shipped throught the continental United States. 

Our 'Party World and Other Things' retail and e-tail stores feature sports party and theme party supplies, cake decorating and candy making supplies, distinctive wedding, bridal, baby and anniversary invitations, birth and special announcements, and unique decorations and favors for every birthday party, wedding, holiday, and special occasion need.

In 2007, Mansfield Paper Company added a new division..."Advantages in Marketing" (AIM). This division services our customers by helping to promote their business. Our AIM division specializes in Silk Screening, Embroidery, Trade Show Giveaways and Promotional Items.

A dream becomes reality
(1946 - 2016)
Here's to 70 years of serving you!

Timeline of a Dream Realized

Who we are...

Mansfield Paper Company traces back to late 1945 on the island of Saipan in the Pacific. Irving Shapiro, a 25 year-old Marine Corps pilot, was nearing the end of his five and a half years of duty aboard the aircraft carrier Salerno Bay. Irving's brother, 21 year-old Morton, happened also to be on Saipan, on temporary leave from his duties as a Signalman in the Navy's Armed Guard Division aboard the liberty ship, William Hawkins.

The two met on Saipan by sheer accident. Morton joined up with Irving and his squadron. During their time together on Saipan, the two brothers took daily flights together, made up for lost time, and began thinking about the future.

During his high school and college years, Irving had worked part-time for the Standard Paper Company, first in the warehouse, later as a driver and then as a salesman. He had learned a great deal about the paper business.

So, thousands of miles from home, the two brothers formulated plans for their own paper business, if and when they both got home safely to Springfield, Massachusetts, which they did. In June, 1946, with meager financing and no cars, product, warehouse, or trucks - only courage, ambition, desire, and drive - the Mansfield Paper Company was born.

The Name... The logo... The Locations

The company's original business office was in the Shapiro family's home on Mansfield Street in Springfield, so the name Mansfield Paper seemed appropriate. The Mansfield Hensagliska Indian logo is the same logo that was used by Irving's squadron. The only difference is that he now carries a roll of paper instead of a bomb. Mansfield Paper has moved four times, each into larger quarters, finally settling in 1967 into its present location at 380 Union Street in West Springfield, Massachusetts.

Mansfield Paper and Party World distribution

The People

In 1961, Robert Shapiro, the youngest of the three brothers, joined Mansfield Paper. After graduating from the University of Vermont, Robert joined the Air Force as a second lieutenant and eventually became a commanding officer of a radar station in Washington state. In November 1971, Michael Shapiro, Irving's eldest son, joined the company after completing four years of service in the Navy. He had previously graduated from Bryant College in Rhode Island. Today, Michael serves as Chief Executive Officer. Since 1996, the company's day-to-day operations have been overseen by R. Scott Parent, President and Chief Operating Officer. Scott has been with the company since 1976, his entire business career. He first started working at the company's Party World retail store. From there he went to the warehouse and then into sales. The company's top salesman in 1988, 1992, 1993, and 1994, Scott was promoted to sales manager in 1995, and President/COO in 1996. Importantly, the company is forever indebted to its current and past employees, many of whom have spent their entire business careers with Mansfield. Without their commitment and loyalty, Mansfield Paper would not be what it is today. Today, Mansfield Paper proudly employs more than 75 people.

All of us at Mansfield Paper today pay tribute to the legacy of Morton (1926-1995), Irving (1921-1990), and Robert (1935-1991). Tribute and gratitude must also be given to H.D. Shapiro (1894-1967): Irving, Morton, and Robert's father. The encouragement, advice, love, moral and financial support he gave to his sons helped pave the way for Mansfield Paper's success. The Shapiro brothers' uncle, Cliff Oates, was also instrumental in the company's success, always there to help out when the need arose.