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RediScan Infrared Thermometer w/Digital Readout, White/Blue, 50F–122F

Memory recall of last 10 readings.

Peak temperature tone at 100.4°F.

Wide-range readout; 50°F–122°F person, 32°F–221°F object/liquid.

°F / °C switchable.

Item Code: BGH18535000

Pack/UOM: EA (Includes 2 AAA batteries and drawstring pouch)

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Deluxe Instant Ear Thermometer, Digital, Blue

Memory recall of last 10 readings.

No probe covers required.

°F / °C switchable.

Automatic shut-off.

Item Code: BGH18607000

Pack/UOM: EA (Includes storage case and long-life CR2032 battery)

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DigiScan Forehead & Ear Thermometer, Black/White, Digital/Verbal Readout

30 reading memory storage with date and time display.

No probe covers required.

°F / °C switchable.

Red light indicator detects when fever is present.

Item Code: BGH18935000

Pack/UOM: EA (Includes 2 AAA batteries)

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Premier Oral Digital Thermometer, White/Blue

Measures in degrees Fahrenheit and degrees Celsius.

Simple push-button start and large LCD screen.

Oral digital thermometer.

Provides an accurate reading.

Item Code: MIIMDS9950

Pack/UOM: EA ()

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Probe Covers for Thermoscan Pro 4000 Thermometer, 200/Box

Convenient disposable covers.

Easy on, easy off.

Thermometer disposable probe covers Thermoscan Pro 4000 thermometer.

Braun Thermoscan Pro 4000 Thermometer Disposable Probe Covers

Item Code: MIIWA05075005

Pack/UOM: BX (Includes 200 probe covers)

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